For children and adults

Ages 3-5

Pre-K Barefoot Ballet

A creative movement class designed to introduce children to early ballet vocabulary while exploring their unique movement potential. Ballet basics are paired with experiments in musicality and improvisation games to offer budding dancers classical form within a fun and expressive environment!

Ages 6-9

Beginning Ballet

A foundational study of the core principles of ballet. Class begins with barre exercises focused on building and reinforcing dynamic core strength, flexibility, and proper alignment. Class continues into the center with adagio, introduction to pirouettes and other turns, small jumps, and large locomotive dance sequences. Students will learn the French terminology used in ballet study, will improve balance and coordination, and will be able to move with greater efficiency, grace and joyful expressiveness.

Ages 8-12

Advanced Beginning Ballet

A mixed-level class designed to challenge more mature beginning dancers and re-center more advanced dancers on the central principles of ballet. Special emphasis is placed on alignment, stretching, and strengthening; and the class culminates in dynamic choreographic phrases.

Ages 10-16

Intermediate Ballet

A more advanced study of ballet. Class follows the same template as Ballet 1 with increasingly complex ballet steps and patterns of movement. Musicality is emphasized as dancers begin to move with greater sophistication and skill. Ballet 2 students will build upon the skills gained from their foundational ballet studies.


Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet at MST Dance Academy is a shared practice for adult dance enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners alike. All people-who-dance are invited to come back to basics, indulge in natural musicality, and challenge your thinking bodies into full-bodied expressive dancing!

Adult Stretch and Strengthen

Adult Stretch and Strengthen uses the structure of a ballet class to focus on building muscular endurance and increasing flexibility. Please note that this is an expressive dance class – the stretching and strengthening are hidden bonuses. No experience required & all are welcome!